We strongly believe that the naked human body, whether male or female, looks much better without hair; that smooth skin suits men and women alike and that nobody can be too smooth.  SCL has been formed to help those who share this view to meet in naturist surroundings and to promote the ideal of naturism without hair.






How smooth do I need to be to join SCL?


Totally smooth from neck to toe! 


We have decided to restrict future FULL membership to those who are totally smooth from neck to toe.  In the past anyone who shaved off their pubic hair could join, whether or not they removed other body hair.  Our ideal is the hairless human form and we want to move the club in this direction.  So you need to have removed ALL hair from the neck down.


And if you want to go all the way – so much the better! 


Several of our existing members are shaved from head to toe (some retain just their eyebrows while others shave them off and are completely hairless).  So feel free to shave all over!


In SCL it is impossible to be too smooth! 



What if I am not smooth enough?


Sorry, but we will have to reject your application for full membership. 


You can still become an AFFILIATE member – provided that you still remove your pubic hair completely!  We will put you on our list to contact when we arrange an event, but you won’t have access to the members’ only area of the website.


If you haven’t tried all over smoothness, give it a try.  You will love the result and then you can become a full member!


Who can join?


Anyone over 18 years of age – couples, singles or families.  SCL does not discriminate against anyone.  The under 18’s (whether depilated or not) are most welcome but can only join as part of a family unit.






We never divulge any information, personal details or photographs of any member, past or present, without their express consent.  Members are required to follow the same strict rules.





SCL is a genuine naturist club.  All we ask is that members behave in a decent and proper way towards others and do not cause offence.




At present there is no joining fee.  



We ask for either a naturist photograph showing your smooth state or a passport photograph.  We will not show the photograph to anyone else unless you ask us to.