Please complete ALL sections of this form. Please use BLOCK CAPITALS. One form for each person.


1 Your Details

TITLE (eg Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr etc)




SEX (M or F)

AGE (years)

ADDRESS (including postcode)






2 How smooth are you? (tick the box below which best describes your current smooth state).

A) Totally smooth - ALL hair removed from arms, legs and entire body

(ie hairless from neck to toe)

B) Ultra smooth ALL hair removed from top of head to toe (except eyebrows)

C) Dolphin smooth ALL hair removed from top of head to toe (including eyebrows)

- no hair anywhere

D) Alopecia universalis - naturally hairless


E) Pubic hair / pubic hair and other body hair removed (but some body hair remaining)




3 How long have you depilated? (in years) years


4 Naturist organisations

If you belong to any naturist organisations please give details of your membership (membership number and number of years you have been a member):-



Coast and Country



Naturist Club (specify)





5 How did you find out about SCL? (tick as appropriate)

Saw leaflet SCL web site Saw advert/article in a naturist publication

SCN website Told about it At an event Other


6 Do any of your friends wish to find out about/join SCL? If so, please give their name(s) and address(es):-



7 Declarations (by typing your name the bottom of this form you will be confirming your acceptance of these declarations. If you do not type your name below, your application cannot be accepted)

         I consent to the personal data contained in this application form being stored on computer

         I agree that if this application is successful I will abide by and be subject to the rules of SCL for the time being in force

         I understand that the organiser of SCL can refuse to accept my/our application and shall not be required to give any reason for such refusal

         ! enclose a naturist photograph(s)/passport photograph(s) of me



8 Signature(s) (all applicants must sign this form)



9 Date



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