How to join SCL




At present there is no joining fee.


What do I need to do?

1 Complete an application form (one for each person applying)

2 Send either a naturist photograph showing your smooth state or a passport type photograph (one for each person applying).

3 Send the application form(s) and photograph(s) to:-


Why send a photo?

The reason we ask for a photo is so that it is handy to know what our members look like particularly when we meet. We will not show the photograph(s) to anyone else unless you ask us to.



Can I apply by post?

No - We no longer have a PO Box, so can only communicate by email

Our email address is


Where do I find the application form?

Click on one of the links below. You may find it easiest to copy the application form, paste it into a Word document and then fill it out.


By typing your name where we ask for your signature, you will be agreeing to our rules.





Click here for the Application Form (HTML format)


Click here for the Application Form (in pdf format)




If you have any difficulty with the application form contact us at .